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Hello, I’m Philipp and is my longest running side project yet. I started it in 2011 because I needed a simple and comfortable way to keep track of the shows I was watching. Since then it has become the favorite show tracker of many others and will be available as long as there are new shows to watch.

Through the years I got support from Hannah Rauß, Marcel Wichmann, Martin Wolf and Jan Oelze who helped me to refine the concept and design of -- without them it would not be what it is today. Thank you!

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This is my personal passion project and I put a lot of effort and time into continuosly improving it for the community. A few month ago I decided to start a Patreon campaign as a way to cover the running costs and the future improvement.

Currently we have 32 patrons! Thank you! If you want to learn more please take a look at the Pateon website and consider supporting, too. Thanks!