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Türkisch für Anfänger

52 episodes in 3 seasons – 103 users following

In Berlin, a single mother of a teenage daughter, begins a relationship with a widowed Turkish father and his two teenage children. Will they be able to live together in harmony?

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Season 03

S03E01 The One Where It All Goes to Hell
S03E02 The One Where I Can't Open the Hood
S03E03 The One Where I Don't Want Anne, But Jette
S03E04 The One Where Violence Solves Nothing
S03E05 The One Where I'm Boris Becker
S03E06 The One Where I'm 17 Again
S03E07 The One Where Grandma Faints
S03E08 The One Where I Don't Want To Be A Bonobo
S03E09 The One Where Grandma Does Big Business
S03E10 The One Where Grandpa Has A Crush
S03E11 The One With The Ghetto Special
S03E12 The One Where The Dead Are Raised
S03E13 The One Where The Parrot Comes
S03E14 The One With The Good Old D-Marks
S03E15 The One Where Cem Becomes A House Husband
S03E16 The One After Menopause

Season 02

S02E01 The One Where Women Are The Weaker Sex
S02E02 The One With A Farewell Kiss
S02E03 The One With Perpetual Motion
S02E04 The One With Sex and Pistols
S02E05 The One Where Cem Doesn't Want To Be A Wuss
S02E06 The One Where I Get Goosebumps
S02E07 The One Where Yagmur Gets Her First Kiss
S02E08 The One Where I Drive Mom Crazy
S02E09 The One Where Cem Sees the Red Light
S02E10 The One Where I'm a Crane
S02E11 The One Where Metin Has an Affair
S02E12 The One Where The Easter Bunny is Naughty
S02E13 The One Where Everyone Is Hysterical
S02E14 The One When a Metin Loves a Woman
S02E15 The One Where Everyone Has C-C-Complexes
S02E16 The One Where Ulla Comes
S02E17 The One Where I'm Ashamed of My Family
S02E18 The One With Ex in the City
S02E19 The One With Crickets in Honey
S02E20 The One Where Costa Hits Lukas
S02E21 The One Where Teenyboppers Bop!
S02E22 The One Where The Party Fizzles Out
S02E23 The One Where Metin Has Had Enough
S02E24 The One Where Everything Seems To Be Over?

Season 01

S01E01 The One In Which I Lose My Freedom
S01E02 The One In Which I Get A Sister I Don't Want
S01E03 The One In Which I Crash
S01E04 The One In Which I Find No Friends
S01E05 The One In Which Axel Falls For My Family
S01E06 The One In Which Secrets Are Revealed
S01E07 The One In Which I’m Forced To Grow Up, Unfortunately
S01E08 The One In Which I Have No Feelings
S01E09 The One In Which Axel Turns Green
S01E10 The One In Which I’m OK, Really
S01E11 The One In Which I Find The Wolf In Me
S01E12 The One In Which There Can Only Be One

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