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Sound! Euphonium

26 episodes in 2 seasons – 3 users following

This is the story of the Kitauji Music club and its members. With the introduction of a new club adviser, the story depicts the students' daily lives as they face challenges and obstacles.

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Season 02

S02E01 Mid-summer Fanfare
S02E02 Hesitation Flute
S02E03 Troubled Nocturnes
S02E04 Awakening Oboe
S02E05 Miraculous Harmony
S02E06 Rainy Conductor
S02E07 Station Concert
S02E08 Rhapsody in Flu
S02E09 Sound! Euphonium
S02E10 After-school Obbligato
S02E11 First Love Trumpet
S02E12 The Last Competition
S02E13 Early-Spring Epilogue

Season 01

S01E01 Welcome to High School
S01E02 Hello Euphonium
S01E03 First Ensemble
S01E04 Sing Solfeggio
S01E05 Now the Festival
S01E06 Twinkle Twinkle, Little Tuba
S01E07 Crybaby Saxophone
S01E08 Festival Triangle
S01E09 Please, Audition
S01E10 Straight Trumpet
S01E11 Welcome Back, Audition
S01E12 My Euphonium
S01E13 Goodbye Competition

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