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Scrubs focuses on the lives of several people working at Sacred Heart, a teaching hospital. It features fast-paced dialogue, slapstick, and surreal vignettes presented mostly as the daydreams of the central character, Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian.

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Season 09

S09E00 TBA
S09E01 Our First Day of School
S09E02 Our Drunk Friend
S09E03 Our Role Models
S09E04 Our Histories
S09E05 Our Mysteries
S09E06 Our New Girl-Bro
S09E07 Our White Coats
S09E08 Our Couples
S09E09 Our Stuff Gets Real
S09E10 Our True Lies
S09E11 Our Dear Leaders
S09E12 Our Driving Issues
S09E13 Our Thanks

Season 08

S08E01 My Jerks
S08E02 My Last Words
S08E03 My Saving Grace
S08E04 My Happy Place
S08E05 My ABC's
S08E06 My Cookie Pants
S08E07 My New Role
S08E08 My Lawyer's in Love
S08E09 My Absence
S08E10 My Comedy Show
S08E11 My Nah Nah Nah
S08E12 Their Story II
S08E13 My Full Moon
S08E14 My Soul on Fire (1)
S08E15 My Soul on Fire (2)
S08E16 My Cuz
S08E17 My Chief Concern
S08E18 My Finale

Season 07

S07E01 My Own Worst Enemy
S07E02 My Hard Labor
S07E03 My Inconvenient Truth
S07E04 My Identity Crisis
S07E05 My Growing Pains
S07E06 My Number One Doctor
S07E07 My Bad Too
S07E08 My Manhood
S07E09 My Dumb Luck
S07E10 My Waste of Time
S07E11 My Princess

Season 06

S06E01 My Mirror Image
S06E02 My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby
S06E03 My Coffee
S06E04 My House
S06E05 My Friend With Money
S06E06 My Musical
S06E07 His Story IV
S06E08 My Road To Nowhere
S06E09 My Perspective
S06E10 My Therapeutic Month
S06E11 My Night To Remember
S06E12 My Fishbowl
S06E13 My Scrubs
S06E14 My No Good Reason
S06E15 My Long Goodbye
S06E16 My Words of Wisdom
S06E17 Their Story
S06E18 My Turf War
S06E19 My Cold Shower
S06E20 My Conventional Wisdom
S06E21 My Rabbit
S06E22 My Point Of No Return

Season 05

S05E01 My Intern's Eyes
S05E02 My Rite of Passage
S05E03 My Day at the Races
S05E04 My Jiggly Ball
S05E05 My New God
S05E06 My Missed Perception
S05E07 My Way Home
S05E08 My Big Bird
S05E09 My Half-Acre
S05E10 Her Story II
S05E11 My Buddy's Booty
S05E12 My Cabbage
S05E13 My Five Stages
S05E14 My Own Personal Hell
S05E15 My Extra Mile
S05E16 My Bright Idea
S05E17 My Chopped Liver
S05E18 My New Suit
S05E19 His Story III
S05E20 My Lunch
S05E21 My Fallen Idol
S05E22 My Déjà Vu, My Déjà Vu
S05E23 My Urologist
S05E24 My Transition

Season 04

S04E01 My Old Friend's New Friend
S04E02 My Office
S04E03 My New Game
S04E04 My First Kill
S04E05 Her Story
S04E06 My Cake
S04E07 My Common Enemy
S04E08 My Last Chance
S04E09 My Malpractical Decision
S04E10 My Female Trouble
S04E11 My Unicorn
S04E12 My Best Moment
S04E13 My Ocardial Infarction
S04E14 My Lucky Charm
S04E15 My Hypocritical Oath
S04E16 My Quarantine
S04E17 My Life in Four Cameras
S04E18 My Roommates
S04E19 My Best Laid Plans
S04E20 My Boss' Free Haircut
S04E21 My Lips Are Sealed
S04E22 My Big Move
S04E23 My Faith in Humanity
S04E24 My Drive-By
S04E25 My Changing Ways

Season 03

S03E01 My Own American Girl
S03E02 My Journey
S03E03 My White Whale
S03E04 My Lucky Night
S03E05 My Brother, Where Art Thou?
S03E06 My Advice to You
S03E07 My Fifteen Seconds
S03E08 My Friend the Doctor
S03E09 My Dirty Secret
S03E10 My Rule of Thumb
S03E11 My Clean Break
S03E12 My Catalyst
S03E13 My Porcelain God
S03E14 My Screw Up
S03E15 My Tormented Mentor
S03E16 My Butterfly
S03E17 My Moment of Un-Truth
S03E18 His Story II
S03E19 My Choosiest Choice of All
S03E20 My Fault
S03E21 My Self-Examination
S03E22 My Best Friend's Wedding

Season 02

S02E01 My Overkill
S02E02 My Nightingale
S02E03 My Case Study
S02E04 My Big Mouth
S02E05 My New Coat
S02E06 My Big Brother
S02E07 My First Step
S02E08 My Fruit Cups
S02E09 My Lucky Day
S02E10 My Monster
S02E11 My Sex Buddy
S02E12 My New Old Friend
S02E13 My Philosophy
S02E14 My Brother, My Keeper
S02E15 His Story
S02E16 My Karma
S02E17 My Own Private Practice Guy
S02E18 My T.C.W.
S02E19 My Kingdom
S02E20 My Interpretation
S02E21 My Drama Queen
S02E22 My Dream Job

Season 01

S01E01 My First Day
S01E02 My Mentor
S01E03 My Best Friend's Mistake
S01E04 My Old Lady
S01E05 My Two Dads
S01E06 My Bad
S01E07 My Super Ego
S01E08 My Fifteen Minutes
S01E09 My Day Off
S01E10 My Nickname
S01E11 My Own Personal Jesus
S01E12 My Blind Date
S01E13 My Balancing Act
S01E14 My Drug Buddy
S01E15 My Bed Banter & Beyond
S01E16 My Heavy Meddle
S01E17 My Student
S01E18 My Tuscaloosa Heart
S01E19 My Old Man
S01E20 My Way or the Highway
S01E21 My Sacrificial Clam
S01E22 My Occurrence
S01E23 My Hero
S01E24 My Last Day

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