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Marvel's The Punisher

26 episodes in 2 seasons – 208 users following

After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle became a vigilante known as 'The Punisher' with only one goal in mind – to avenge them. With his revenge now complete, Frank's war-time past comes back to haunt him.

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Season 02

S02E01 Roadhouse Blues
S02E02 Fight or Flight
S02E03 Trouble the Water
S02E04 Scar Tissue
S02E05 One-Eyed Jacks
S02E06 Nakazat
S02E07 One Bad Day
S02E08 My Brother's Keeper
S02E09 Flustercluck
S02E10 The Dark Hearts of Men
S02E11 The Abyss
S02E12 Collision Course
S02E13 The Whirlwind

Season 01

S01E01 3AM
S01E02 Two Dead Men
S01E03 Kandahar
S01E04 Resupply
S01E05 Gunner
S01E06 The Judas Goat
S01E07 Crosshairs
S01E08 Cold Steel
S01E09 Front Toward Enemy
S01E10 Virtue of the Vicious
S01E11 Danger Close
S01E12 Home
S01E13 Memento Mori

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