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Halt and Catch Fire

40 episodes in 4 seasons – 153 users following

In the early 1980s a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy combine to confront the corporate behemoths of the time. Their personal and professional lives will be challenged by greed and ego while charting the changing culture in Texas' Silicon Prairie.

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Season 04

S04E01 So It Goes
S04E02 Signal to Noise
S04E03 Miscellaneous
S04E04 Tonya and Nancy
S04E05 Nowhere Man
S04E06 A Connection Is Made
S04E07 Who Needs a Guy
S04E08 Goodwill
S04E09 Search
S04E10 Ten of Swords

Season 03

S03E01 Valley of the Heart's Delight
S03E02 One Way or Another
S03E03 Flipping the Switch
S03E04 Rules of Honorable Play
S03E05 Yerba Buena
S03E06 And She Was
S03E07 The Threshold
S03E08 You Are Not Safe
S03E09 NIM
S03E10 NeXT

Season 02

S02E02 New Coke
S02E03 The Way In
S02E04 Play with Friends
S02E05 Extract and Defend
S02E06 10Broad36
S02E07 Working for the Clampdown
S02E08 Limbo
S02E09 Kali
S02E10 Heaven is a Place

Season 01

S01E01 I/O
S01E02 FUD
S01E03 High Plains Hardware
S01E04 Close to the Metal
S01E05 Adventure
S01E06 Landfall
S01E07 Giant
S01E08 The 214s
S01E09 Up Helly Aa
S01E10 1984

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