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Criminal Minds

295 episodes in 13 seasons – 335 users following

Special Agents Jason Gideon and Aaron Hotchner head up the FBI's most elite profiling team - experts in analyzing criminal minds. Each team member has their specialty. There's Elle Greenaway, who has a background in sexual offences; Derek Morgan, who focu…Read more Special Agents Jason Gideon and Aaron Hotchner head up the FBI's most elite profiling team - experts in analyzing criminal minds. Each team member has their specialty. There's Elle Greenaway, who has a background in sexual offences; Derek Morgan, who focuses on obsessional crimes; Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid the smart-but-socially-challenged genius; and Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, the rookie. With each mind-blowing case, they put their lives on the line as they match wits with the most ruthless criminals on earth.

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Season 13

S13E01 Wheels Up
S13E02 To a Better Place
S13E03 Blue Angel
S13E04 Killer App
S13E05 Lucky Strikes
S13E06 The Bunker
S13E07 Dust and Bones
S13E08 Neon Terror
S13E09 False Flag
S13E10 Submerged
S13E11 Full-Tilt Boogie
S13E12 Bad Moon on the Rise
S13E13 Cure
S13E14 Miasma
S13E15 Annihilator
S13E16 Last Gasp
S13E17 The Capilano's
S13E18 The Dance of Love
S13E19 Ex Parte
S13E20 All You Can Eat
S13E21 Mixed Signals

Season 12

S12E01 The Crimson King
S12E02 Sick Day
S12E03 Taboo
S12E04 Keeper
S12E05 The Anti-Terror Squad
S12E06 Elliott's Pond
S12E07 Mirror Image
S12E08 Scarecrow
S12E09 Profiling 202
S12E10 Seek and Destroy
S12E11 Surface Tension
S12E12 A Good Husband
S12E13 Spencer
S12E14 Collision Course
S12E15 Alpha Male
S12E16 Assistance Is Futile
S12E17 In the Dark
S12E18 Hell's Kitchen
S12E19 True North
S12E20 Unforgettable
S12E21 Green Light
S12E22 Red Light

Season 11

S11E01 The Job
S11E02 The Witness
S11E03 'Til Death Do Us Part
S11E04 Outlaw
S11E05 The Night Watch
S11E06 Pariahville
S11E07 Target Rich
S11E08 Awake
S11E09 Internal Affairs
S11E10 Future Perfect
S11E11 Entropy
S11E12 Drive
S11E13 The Bond
S11E14 Hostage
S11E15 A Badge and a Gun
S11E16 Derek
S11E17 The Sandman
S11E18 A Beautiful Disaster
S11E19 Tribute
S11E20 Inner Beauty
S11E21 Devil's Backbone
S11E22 The Storm

Season 10

S10E01 X
S10E02 Burn
S10E03 A Thousand Suns
S10E04 The Itch
S10E05 Boxed In
S10E06 If the Shoe Fits
S10E07 Hashtag
S10E08 The Boys of Sudworth Place
S10E09 Fate
S10E10 Amelia Porter
S10E11 The Forever People
S10E12 Anonymous
S10E13 Nelson’s Sparrow
S10E14 Hero Worship
S10E15 Scream
S10E16 Lockdown
S10E17 Breath Play
S10E18 Rock Creek Park
S10E19 Beyond Borders
S10E20 A Place at the Table
S10E21 Mr. Scratch
S10E22 Protection
S10E23 The Hunt
S10E24 TBA

Season 09

S09E01 The Inspiration
S09E02 The Inspired
S09E03 Final Shot
S09E04 To Bear Witness
S09E05 Route 66
S09E06 In the Blood
S09E07 Gatekeeper
S09E08 The Return
S09E09 Strange Fruit
S09E10 The Caller
S09E11 Bully
S09E12 The Black Queen
S09E13 The Road Home
S09E14 200
S09E15 Mr. & Mrs. Anderson
S09E16 Gabby
S09E17 Persuasion
S09E18 Rabid
S09E19 The Edge of Winter
S09E20 Blood Relations
S09E21 What Happens In Mecklinburg
S09E22 Fatal
S09E23 Angels
S09E24 Demons

Season 08

S08E01 The Silencer
S08E02 The Pact
S08E03 Through the Looking Glass
S08E04 God Complex
S08E05 The Good Earth
S08E06 The Apprenticeship
S08E07 The Fallen
S08E08 The Wheels on the Bus...
S08E09 Magnificent Light
S08E10 The Lesson
S08E11 Perennials
S08E12 Zugzwang
S08E13 Magnum Opus
S08E14 All That Remains
S08E15 Broken
S08E16 Carbon Copy
S08E17 The Gathering
S08E18 Restoration
S08E19 Pay It Forward
S08E20 Alchemy
S08E21 Nanny Dearest
S08E22 Number Six
S08E23 Brothers Hotchner
S08E24 The Replicator
S08E25 TBA

Season 07

S07E01 It Takes a Village
S07E02 Proof
S07E03 Dorado Falls
S07E04 Painless
S07E05 From Childhood's Hour
S07E06 Epilogue
S07E07 There's No Place Like Home
S07E08 Hope
S07E09 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
S07E10 The Bittersweet Science
S07E11 True Genius
S07E12 Unknown Subject
S07E13 Snake Eyes
S07E14 Closing Time
S07E15 A Thin Line
S07E16 A Family Affair
S07E17 I Love You, Tommy Brown
S07E18 Foundation
S07E19 Heathridge Manor
S07E20 The Company
S07E21 Divining Rod
S07E22 Profiling 101
S07E23 Hit
S07E24 Run

Season 06

S06E01 The Longest Night
S06E02 JJ
S06E03 Remembrance of Things Past
S06E04 Compromising Positions
S06E05 Safe Haven
S06E06 Devil's Night
S06E07 Middle Man
S06E08 Reflection of Desire
S06E09 Into the Woods
S06E10 What Happens at Home
S06E11 25 to Life
S06E12 Corazon
S06E13 The Thirteenth Step
S06E14 Sense Memory
S06E15 Today I Do
S06E16 Coda
S06E17 Valhalla
S06E18 Lauren
S06E19 With Friends Like These...
S06E20 Hanley Waters
S06E21 The Stranger
S06E22 Out of the Light
S06E23 Big Sea
S06E24 Supply and Demand

Season 05

S05E01 Nameless, Faceless
S05E02 Haunted
S05E03 Reckoner
S05E04 Hopeless
S05E05 Cradle to Grave
S05E06 The Eyes Have It
S05E07 The Performer
S05E08 Outfoxed
S05E09 100
S05E10 The Slave of Duty
S05E11 Retaliation
S05E12 The Uncanny Valley
S05E13 Risky Business
S05E14 Parasite
S05E15 Public Enemy
S05E16 Mosley Lane
S05E17 Solitary Man
S05E18 The Fight
S05E19 Rite of Passage
S05E20 ...A Thousand Words
S05E21 Exit Wounds
S05E22 The Internet Is Forever
S05E23 Our Darkest Hour

Season 04

S04E01 Mayhem
S04E02 The Angel Maker
S04E03 Minimal Loss
S04E04 Paradise
S04E05 Catching Out
S04E06 The Instincts
S04E07 Memoriam
S04E08 Masterpiece
S04E09 52 Pickup
S04E10 Brothers in Arms
S04E11 Normal
S04E12 Soul Mates
S04E13 Bloodline
S04E14 Cold Comfort
S04E15 Zoe's Reprise
S04E16 Pleasure Is My Business
S04E17 Demonology
S04E18 Omnivore
S04E19 House on Fire
S04E20 Conflicted
S04E21 A Shade of Gray
S04E22 The Big Wheel
S04E23 Roadkill
S04E24 Amplification
S04E25 To Hell... (Part 1 of 2)
S04E26 ...and Back (Part 2 of 2)

Season 03

S03E01 Doubt
S03E02 In Name and Blood
S03E03 Scared to Death
S03E04 Children of the Dark
S03E05 Seven Seconds
S03E06 About Face
S03E07 Identity
S03E08 Lucky
S03E09 Penelope
S03E10 True Night
S03E11 Birthright
S03E12 3rd Life
S03E13 Limelight
S03E14 Damaged
S03E15 A Higher Power
S03E16 Elephant's Memory
S03E17 In Heat
S03E18 The Crossing
S03E19 Tabula Rasa
S03E20 Lo-Fi

Season 02

S02E01 The Fisher King (2)
S02E02 P911
S02E03 The Perfect Storm
S02E04 Psychodrama
S02E05 Aftermath
S02E06 The Boogeyman
S02E07 North Mammon
S02E08 Empty Planet
S02E09 The Last Word
S02E10 Lessons Learned
S02E11 Sex, Birth, Death
S02E12 Profiler, Profiled
S02E13 No Way Out (1)
S02E14 The Big Game (1)
S02E15 Revelations (2)
S02E16 Fear and Loathing
S02E17 Distress
S02E18 Jones
S02E19 Ashes and Dust
S02E20 Honor Among Thieves
S02E21 Open Season
S02E22 Legacy
S02E23 No Way Out (2): The Evilution of Frank

Season 01

S01E01 Extreme Aggressor
S01E02 Compulsion
S01E03 Won't Get Fooled Again
S01E04 Plain Sight
S01E05 Broken Mirror
S01E06 L.D.S.K.
S01E07 The Fox
S01E08 Natural Born Killer
S01E09 Derailed
S01E10 The Popular Kids
S01E11 Blood Hungry
S01E12 What Fresh Hell?
S01E13 Poison
S01E14 Riding the Lightning
S01E15 Unfinished Business
S01E16 The Tribe
S01E17 A Real Rain
S01E18 Somebody's Watching
S01E19 Machismo
S01E20 Charm and Harm
S01E21 Secrets and Lies
S01E22 The Fisher King (1)

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