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Chicago PD

170 episodes in 9 seasons – 61 users following

Follows District 21 of the Chicago Police Department, which is made up of two distinctly different groups: the uniformed cops and the Intelligence Unit.

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Season 09

S09E01 Closure
S09E02 Rage
S09E03 The One Next to Me
S09E04 In the Dark
S09E05 Burnside
S09E06 End of Watch
S09E07 Trust Me

Season 08

S08E01 Fighting Ghosts
S08E02 White Knuckle
S08E03 Tender Age
S08E04 Unforgiven
S08E05 In Your Care
S08E06 Equal Justice
S08E07 Instinct
S08E08 Protect and Serve
S08E09 Impossible Dream
S08E10 The Radical Truth
S08E11 Signs of Violence
S08E12 Due Process
S08E13 Trouble Dolls
S08E14 Safe
S08E15 The Right Thing (1)
S08E16 The Other Side (2)

Season 07

S07E01 Doubt
S07E02 Assets
S07E03 Familia
S07E04 Infection (3)
S07E05 Brother's Keeper
S07E06 False Positive
S07E07 Informant
S07E08 No Regrets
S07E09 Absolution (1)
S07E10 Mercy (2)
S07E11 43rd and Normal
S07E12 The Devil You Know
S07E13 I Was Here
S07E14 Center Mass
S07E15 Burden of Truth (2)
S07E16 Intimate Violence
S07E17 Before the Fall
S07E18 Lines
S07E19 Buried Secrets
S07E20 Silence of the Night

Season 06

S06E01 New Normal
S06E02 Endings (3)
S06E03 Bad Boys
S06E04 Ride Along
S06E05 Fathers and Sons
S06E06 True or False
S06E07 Trigger
S06E08 Black and Blue
S06E09 Descent (1)
S06E10 Brotherhood (2)
S06E11 Trust
S06E12 Outrage
S06E13 Night in Chicago
S06E14 Ties That Bind
S06E15 Good Men (2)
S06E16 The Forgotten
S06E17 Pain Killer
S06E18 This City
S06E19 What Could Have Been
S06E20 Sacrifice
S06E21 Confession
S06E22 Reckoning

Season 05

S05E00 TBA
S05E01 Reform
S05E02 The Thing About Heroes
S05E03 Promise
S05E04 Snitch
S05E05 Home
S05E06 Fallen
S05E07 Care Under Fire
S05E08 Politics
S05E09 Monster
S05E10 Rabbit Hole
S05E11 Confidential
S05E12 Captive
S05E13 Chasing Monsters
S05E14 Anthem
S05E15 Sisterhood
S05E16 Profiles (1)
S05E17 Breaking Point
S05E18 Ghosts
S05E19 Payback
S05E20 Saved
S05E21 Allegiance (1)
S05E22 Homecoming (2)
S05E23 TBA

Season 04

S04E01 The Silos
S04E02 Made a Wrong Turn
S04E03 All Cylinders Firing
S04E04 Big Friends, Big Enemies
S04E05 A War Zone
S04E06 Some Friend
S04E07 300,000 Likes
S04E08 A Shot Heard Round the World
S04E09 Don't Bury This Case (2)
S04E10 Don't Read the News
S04E11 You Wish
S04E12 Sanctuary
S04E13 I Remember Her Now
S04E14 Seven Indictments
S04E15 Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will
S04E16 Emotional Proximity (2)
S04E17 Remember the Devil
S04E18 Little Bit of Light
S04E19 Last Minute Resistance
S04E20 Grasping for Salvation
S04E21 Fagin
S04E22 Army of One
S04E23 Fork in the Road

Season 03

S03E01 Life Is Fluid
S03E02 Natural Born Storyteller
S03E03 Actual Physical Violence
S03E04 Debts of the Past
S03E05 Climbing into Bed
S03E06 You Never Know Who's Who
S03E07 A Dead Kid, a Notebook, and a Lot of Maybes
S03E08 Forget My Name
S03E09 Never Forget I Love You
S03E10 Now I'm God (3)
S03E11 Knocked the Family Right Out
S03E12 Looking Out for Stateville
S03E13 Hit Me
S03E14 The Song of Gregory Williams Yates (2)
S03E15 A Night Owl
S03E16 The Cases That Need to Be Solved
S03E17 Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb
S03E18 Kasual with a K
S03E19 If We Were Normal
S03E20 In a Duffel Bag
S03E21 Justice
S03E22 She's Got Us
S03E23 Start Digging

Season 02

S02E00 TBA
S02E01 Call It Macaroni
S02E02 Get My Cigarettes
S02E03 The Weigh Station
S02E04 Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw
S02E05 An Honest Woman
S02E06 Prison Ball
S02E07 They'll Have to Go Through Me (3)
S02E08 Assignment of the Year
S02E09 Called In Dead (1)
S02E10 Shouldn't Have Been Alone (2)
S02E11 We Don't Work Together Anymore
S02E12 Disco Bob
S02E13 A Little Devil Complex (2)
S02E14 Erin's Mom
S02E15 What Do You Do
S02E16 What Puts You on That Ledge
S02E17 Say Her Real Name
S02E18 Get Back to Even
S02E19 The Three Gs
S02E20 The Number of Rats (2)
S02E21 There's My Girl
S02E22 Push the Pain Away
S02E23 Born Into Bad News

Season 01

S01E01 Stepping Stone
S01E02 Wrong Side of the Bars
S01E03 Chin Check
S01E04 Now Is Always Temporary
S01E05 Thirty Balloons
S01E06 Conventions (2)
S01E07 The Price We Pay
S01E08 Different Mistakes
S01E09 A Material Witness
S01E10 At Least It's Justice
S01E11 Turn Off the Light
S01E12 8:30 PM (2)
S01E13 My Way
S01E14 The Docks
S01E15 A Beautiful Friendship
S01E16 TBA

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