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Blue Bloods

239 episodes in 12 seasons – 62 users following

Blue Bloods is a drama about a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement. Frank Reagan is the New York Police Commissioner and heads both the police force and the Reagan brood. He runs his department as diplomatically as…Read more Blue Bloods is a drama about a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement. Frank Reagan is the New York Police Commissioner and heads both the police force and the Reagan brood. He runs his department as diplomatically as he runs his family, even when dealing with the politics that plagued his unapologetically bold father, Henry, during his stint as Chief.

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Season 12

S12E01 Hate Is Hate
S12E02 Times Like These
S12E03 Protective Instincts
S12E04 True Blue
S12E05 Good Intentions

Season 11

S11E01 Triumph Over Trauma
S11E02 In the Name of the Father
S11E03 Atonement
S11E04 Redemption
S11E05 Spilling Secrets
S11E06 The New Normal
S11E07 In Too Deep
S11E08 More Than Meets the Eye
S11E09 For Whom the Bell Tolls
S11E10 The Common Good
S11E11 Guardian Angels
S11E12 Happy Endings
S11E13 Fallen Heroes
S11E14 The New You
S11E15 The End (1)
S11E16 Justifies the Means (2)

Season 10

S10E01 The Real Deal
S10E02 Naughty or Nice
S10E03 Behind the Smile
S10E04 Another Look
S10E05 The Price You Pay
S10E06 Glass Houses
S10E07 Higher Standards
S10E08 Friends in High Places
S10E09 Grave Errors
S10E10 Bones to Pick
S10E11 Careful What You Wish For
S10E12 Where the Truth Lies
S10E13 Reckless
S10E14 Fog of War
S10E15 Vested Interests
S10E16 The First 100 Days
S10E17 The Puzzle Palace
S10E18 Hide in Plain Sight
S10E19 Family Secrets

Season 09

S09E01 Playing with Fire
S09E02 Meet the New Boss
S09E03 Mind Games
S09E04 Blackout
S09E05 Thicker Than Water
S09E06 Trust
S09E07 By Hook or By Crook
S09E08 Stirring the Pot
S09E09 Handcuffs
S09E10 Authority Figures
S09E11 Disrupted
S09E12 Milestones
S09E13 Ripple Effect
S09E14 My Brother's Keeper
S09E15 Blues
S09E16 Past Tense
S09E17 Two-Faced
S09E18 Rectify
S09E19 Common Enemies
S09E20 Strange Bedfellows
S09E21 Identity
S09E22 Something Blue

Season 08

S08E00 TBA
S08E01 Cutting Losses
S08E02 Ghosts of the Past
S08E03 The Enemy of My Enemy
S08E04 Out of the Blue
S08E05 The Forgotten
S08E06 Brushed Off
S08E07 Common Ground
S08E08 Pick Your Poison
S08E09 Pain Killers
S08E10 Heavy Is the Head
S08E11 Second Chances
S08E12 The Brave
S08E13 Erasing History
S08E14 School of Hard Knocks
S08E15 Legacy
S08E16 Tale of Two Cities
S08E17 Close Calls
S08E18 Friendship, Love and Loyalty
S08E19 Risk Management
S08E20 Your Six
S08E21 The Devil You Know
S08E22 My Aim is True
S08E23 PLEASE DELETE=>Season 8 = 22 épisodes

Season 07

S07E01 The Greater Good
S07E02 Good Cop Bad Cop
S07E03 The Price of Justice
S07E04 Mob Rules
S07E05 For the Community
S07E06 Whistleblowers
S07E07 Guilt By Association
S07E08 Personal Business
S07E09 Confessions
S07E10 Unbearable Loss
S07E11 Genetics
S07E12 Not Fade Away
S07E13 The One That Got Away
S07E14 In & Out
S07E15 Lost Souls
S07E16 Hard Bargain
S07E17 Shadow of a Doubt
S07E18 A Deep Blue Goodbye
S07E19 Love Lost
S07E20 No Retreat No Surrender
S07E21 Foreign Interference
S07E22 The Thin Blue Line

Season 06

S06E01 Worst Case Scenario
S06E02 Absolute Power
S06E03 All the News That's Fit to Click
S06E04 With Friends Like These
S06E05 Backstabbers
S06E06 Rush to Judgment
S06E07 The Bullitt Mustang
S06E08 Unsung Heroes
S06E09 Hold Outs
S06E10 Flags of Our Fathers
S06E11 Back in the Day
S06E12 Cursed
S06E13 Stomping Grounds
S06E14 The Road to Hell
S06E15 Fresh Start
S06E16 Help Me Help You
S06E17 Friends in Need
S06E18 Town Without Pity
S06E19 Blast from the Past
S06E20 Down the Rabbit Hole
S06E21 The Extra Mile
S06E22 Blowback

Season 05

S05E01 Partners
S05E02 Forgive and Forget
S05E03 Burning Bridges
S05E04 Excessive Force
S05E05 Loose Lips
S05E06 Most Wanted
S05E07 Shoot the Messenger
S05E08 Power of the Press
S05E09 Under the Gun
S05E10 Sins of the Father
S05E11 Baggage
S05E12 Home Sweet Home
S05E13 Love Stories
S05E14 The Poor Door
S05E15 Power Players
S05E16 In the Box
S05E17 Occupational Hazards
S05E18 Bad Company
S05E19 Through the Looking Glass
S05E20 Payback
S05E21 New Rules
S05E22 The Art of War

Season 04

S04E01 Unwritten Rules
S04E02 The City That Never Sleeps
S04E03 To Protect and Serve
S04E04 The Truth About Lying
S04E05 Lost and Found
S04E06 Growing Boys
S04E07 Drawing Dead
S04E08 Justice Served
S04E09 Bad Blood
S04E10 Mistaken Identity
S04E11 Ties That Bind
S04E12 The Bogeyman
S04E13 Unfinished Business
S04E14 Manhattan Queens
S04E15 Open Secrets
S04E16 Insult to Injury
S04E17 Knockout Game
S04E18 Righting Wrongs
S04E19 Secret Arrangements
S04E20 Custody Battle
S04E21 Above and Beyond
S04E22 Exiles

Season 03

S03E01 Family Business
S03E02 Domestic Disturbance
S03E03 Old Wounds
S03E04 Scorched Earth
S03E05 Risk and Reward
S03E06 Greener Grass
S03E07 Nightmares
S03E08 Higher Education
S03E09 Secrets and Lies
S03E10 Fathers and Sons
S03E11 Front Page News
S03E12 Framed
S03E13 Inside Jobs
S03E14 Men in Black
S03E15 Warriors
S03E16 Quid Pro Quo
S03E17 Protest Too Much
S03E18 No Regrets
S03E19 Loss of Faith
S03E20 Ends and Means
S03E21 Devil's Breath
S03E22 The Bitter End
S03E23 This Way Out

Season 02

S02E01 Mercy
S02E02 Friendly Fire
S02E03 Critical Condition
S02E04 Innocence
S02E05 A Night on the Town
S02E06 Black and Blue
S02E07 Lonely Hearts Club
S02E08 Thanksgiving
S02E09 Moonlighting
S02E10 Whistle Blower
S02E11 The Uniform
S02E12 The Job
S02E13 Leap of Faith
S02E14 Parenthood
S02E15 The Life We Chose
S02E16 Women With Guns
S02E17 Reagan V. Reagan
S02E18 No Questions Asked
S02E19 Some Kind of Hero
S02E20 Working Girls
S02E21 Collateral Damage
S02E22 Mother's Day

Season 01

S01E01 Pilot
S01E02 Samaritan
S01E03 Privilege
S01E04 Officer Down
S01E05 What You See
S01E06 Smack Attack
S01E07 Brothers
S01E08 Chinatown
S01E09 Re-Do
S01E10 After Hours
S01E11 Little Fish
S01E12 Family Ties
S01E13 Hall of Mirrors
S01E14 My Funny Valentine
S01E15 Dedication
S01E16 Age of Innocence
S01E17 Silver Star
S01E18 To Tell the Truth
S01E19 Model Behavior
S01E20 All That Glitters
S01E21 Cellar Boy
S01E22 The Blue Templar

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