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Avatar: The Last Airbender

61 episodes in 3 seasons – 284 users following

With the Fire Nation on the brink of global domination, a young girl and her brother discover a 12-year old Airbender who reveals himself as the Avatar. Will this irresponsible kid accept his destiny in time to save the world?

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Season 03

S03E01 The Awakening
S03E02 The Headband
S03E03 The Painted Lady
S03E04 Sokka's Master
S03E05 The Beach
S03E06 The Avatar and the Firelord
S03E07 The Runaway
S03E08 The Puppetmaster
S03E09 Nightmares and Daydreams
S03E10 The Day of Black Sun: The Invasion (1)
S03E11 The Day of Black Sun: The Eclipse (2)
S03E12 The Western Air Temple
S03E13 The Firebending Masters
S03E14 The Boiling Rock (1)
S03E15 The Boiling Rock (2)
S03E16 The Southern Raiders
S03E17 The Ember Island Players
S03E18 Sozin's Comet: The Phoenix King (1)
S03E19 Sozin's Comet: The Old Masters (2)
S03E20 Sozin's Comet: Into the Inferno (3)
S03E21 Sozin's Comet: Avatar Aang (4)

Season 02

S02E01 The Avatar State
S02E02 The Cave of Two Lovers
S02E03 Return to Omashu
S02E04 The Swamp
S02E05 Avatar Day
S02E06 The Blind Bandit
S02E07 Zuko Alone
S02E08 The Chase
S02E09 Bitter Work
S02E10 The Library
S02E11 The Desert
S02E12 The Serpent's Pass
S02E13 The Drill
S02E14 City of Walls and Secrets
S02E15 The Tales of Ba Sing Se
S02E16 Appa's Lost Days
S02E17 Lake Laogai
S02E18 The Earth King
S02E19 The Guru
S02E20 The Crossroads of Destiny

Season 01

S01E01 The Boy in the Iceberg
S01E02 The Avatar Returns
S01E03 The Southern Air Temple
S01E04 The Warriors of Kyoshi
S01E05 The King of Omashu
S01E06 Imprisoned
S01E07 The Spirit World: Winter Solstice (1)
S01E08 Avatar Roku: Winter Solstice (2)
S01E09 The Waterbending Scroll
S01E10 Jet
S01E11 The Great Divide
S01E12 The Storm
S01E13 The Blue Spirit
S01E14 The Fortuneteller
S01E15 Bato of the Water Tribe
S01E16 The Deserter
S01E17 The Northern Air Temple
S01E18 The Waterbending Master
S01E19 The Siege of the North (1)
S01E20 The Siege of the North (2)

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